Dental Cleanings & Exams

Dental Cleanings Exams

By now, you know that you should brush your teeth twice a day and floss no less than once a day. But no matter how rigorous your home care routine may be, it is no substitute for your regular dental cleanings and exams in Warwick, New York, at Merchant Square Dental. These visits give our dentists the chance to help you identify or even avoid oral health problems. Call 845-986-1732, and a member of our team will schedule your appointment with Dr. Syed Masihuddin or Dr. Pankaj Puri.

Dental cleanings and exams are two of the most basic yet important preventive treatments we provide at our office. Each time you visit our dental practice for a checkup, we will provide a professional teeth cleaning and dental exam to help your smile stay healthy. During your cleaning and exam, our dental team will:

  • Clean your teeth by removing any plaque or tartar (also called dental calculus), which can lead to tooth decay and periodontal disease
  • Floss and polish your teeth for a healthy, bright smile
  • Examine your smile for signs of any damaging dental conditions or diseases

We may utilize dental X-rays to further evaluate your smile and make certain that you receive the dental care you need. Regular dental cleanings and exams are essential in maintaining good oral health, preventing cavities and gum disease, and making sure that any damaging conditions are treated as early as possible.

We recommend that you visit us every six months for a routine dental cleaning and exam. We may suggest more frequent visits if needed, and we also encourage you to contact us if you suffer from a dental emergency, pain or injury. To schedule your next appointment, we invite you to contact us today. We look forward to caring for your smile!

frequently asked questions

A dental cleaning and exam typically consist of two main components: a professional dental cleaning performed by a dental hygienist to remove plaque and tartar buildup, followed by a comprehensive dental exam conducted by the dentist to assess oral health.

It is generally recommended to have a dental cleaning and exam every six months for most patients. However, the frequency may vary based on individual factors such as oral health status, medical history, and risk factors for dental problems.

Dental cleanings are typically not painful, although some patients may experience mild discomfort or sensitivity during certain parts of the cleaning process, such as scaling or polishing. Your dental hygienist will take measures to ensure your comfort throughout the procedure.

Regular dental cleanings and exams help maintain healthy teeth and gums, prevent dental problems such as cavities and gum disease, detect oral issues at an early stage, remove surface stains for a brighter smile, and provide personalized oral hygiene advice.